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Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.

Home on the web ~ Dan Van Fleet - Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.


DanVanFleet.com is just my personal place on the web where I''m learning about WordPress and some other things.  In real life I support the SoftPro Corporation's suite of products.

I've been working on SoftPro since the early days.  It began with a conversion project from First Data's SCO Unix system to ProForm for Dos around 1991.  It took a few years as we needed ProTrax to get the job done.  Back then a cool thing we did was creating reports using Rtree''s language. It was totally undocumented, as was the interface to ProTrax.  Loren, the architect of ProForm was annoyed and intrigued at the same time.

That began a path I wouldn't have selected, which has been interesting fun and rewarding over the next 20 some years customizing exploiting and controlling ProForm for Windows.  In the last few years Select has come on the scene, keeping with tradition, we've built Select tools too. In fact the Select Developers Toolbar for Word was the first third party application built for Select, which my friend Dan and I envisioned and created.  It somewhat sadly is now depreciated.  Although quite happily some of it's functionality has made it into the product.

Before all that, I did a ton of different thing, most had connections to electronics or computers, there was some electrical and other contracting,  a few years in the Ski Industry, a couple seasons running white water tours.  I even had a stint putting railroad rails in. Three times I found myself the manager of multimillion dollar electronics retailer.  The first time I was that corporations youngest store manager at 20.  That wraps it up back to where we learned to work, doing farm chores for the neighbors.

I use this site to share interesting things I've run into or built. Sometimes it's a place for me to bloviate on things that interest me.  I play in a wide variety of interest areas, from custom wood working, to plumbing, electrical work, car repair, or just playing with metal.   I find interests everywhere, and have had some great teachers over the years.

I can be reached by phone at 937-424-5734 or to danvanfleet@vfinfo.com.  Other websites I run, vfinfo.com  and softprosupport.com are mirror sites and now rather old, but have some valuable information.  My Ohio clients use the Links page extensively. SoftProAgent.com talks about some utilities I've built, which SoftProCalendar.com is one of. Check out ProTools on SoftProAgent.com, if you do Word Merges, it will save you a few seconds per merge and make the merge experience feel cleaner. (It clears the Please Wait, and Merge Complete messages allowing a moment of calm during the merge) Best thing about it, it's free.  I built it a few years back to allow the first on-line GFE calculator (ProGFE) to run, using ProForm to do the calculations.

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