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Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.

Home on the web ~ Dan Van Fleet - Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.

Classic Permission issue PFWIN-114

clip_image001The other day a user needed to be given a permission in SpAdmin on a Classic 15 system. It didn't go so well. The permission showed as being applied but the user was still unable to do the task. Print Checks was the permission needed rights granted.

This was a contract customer, someone who pays me just for being around, so a solution needed to be found sooner than later. A dive into the PermissionsByUser table in the SoftPro Database found the problem. The Allow flag was set to False on the UserID for Program zero. I'm guessing Program zero is ProForm, one is ProTrust, two and three exist, but I don't know enough to hazard a guess at this point. Continue reading

New Machine, ProForm SQL doesn’t connect

ProForm can't find it's databases, an ODBC connectivity test passes, but when ProForm is started, it throws an error. The test system is a small network of Terminal Server and a few Windows 7 machines, a new Windows 7 64 bit machine was installed. ProForm Classic 12.2 is throwing a PFWIN-028 error message, cannot initialize databases. Starting ProForm as Administrator using this registry entry to allow drive mappings to occur works fine, but requires the user to click an extra dialog box on one computer but not the rest of the network.

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SQL convert "yyyyMMdd" integer or string to a Date that works in SoftPro

The last few weeks I've been working with Web based Reporting for SoftPro ProForm.  It's been fun creating management review pages with dials and lights.


I've enjoyed combining multiple report outputs on one concise easy to ready web page.  Along the way, it's been necessary to display SoftPro Database formatted date fields in a grid.  They come through in 20130524 or "yyyyMMdd" format.  It was easy enough to format that in a grid as "yyyy-MM-dd" format which worked until I started exporting the grids to Excel, when the formatting failed.  So I began a search to fix it, at the SQL level.

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Data Collector Mass Update

Today I needed to add 25 fields to Data Collector.  Where as it's totally doable using the correct application, it is the slow way. And since we work on development servers, the same changes need made on the production servers, so the time is duplicated.  There is a quick and safe (mostly safe) way to update ProForm Data Collector, from SQL Server Management Studio

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Automated SoftPro SQL Database Backup

Backing up the SoftPro SQL database, isn''t that done automatically was the question of the week.  Well yes and no is the answer, if you have a SQL database many times it is not included in your backup.  Especially if you''ve switched to a Cloud based backup.


In my humble opinion The entire SoftPro Database should be backed up in this fashion on a regular basis even if your main backup catches it.  There is too much valuable data in these files not to be specially protected.


So what do we do?

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