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Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.

Home on the web ~ Dan Van Fleet - Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.

Classic 15 Calendar Robot

imageThe concept of the Closing Calendar or the Book has fascinated me since I was first shown a real "Book" in the early 1990's.  I've created calendar tools for ProForm clients ever since. At this point, most companies have adopted some sort of electronic shared calendar, those who have experienced our fully automated solutions save money on every closing.

The ProForm Calendar Robot is an automatic tool that maintains a closing calendar by watching the ProForm database.  The ProForm user does nothing other than set the Settlement Date and Time in ProForm.  When the changes are saved, the Robot quickly notices and updates a shared calendar.

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Classic Permission issue PFWIN-114

clip_image001The other day a user needed to be given a permission in SpAdmin on a Classic 15 system. It didn't go so well. The permission showed as being applied but the user was still unable to do the task. Print Checks was the permission needed rights granted.

This was a contract customer, someone who pays me just for being around, so a solution needed to be found sooner than later. A dive into the PermissionsByUser table in the SoftPro Database found the problem. The Allow flag was set to False on the UserID for Program zero. I'm guessing Program zero is ProForm, one is ProTrust, two and three exist, but I don't know enough to hazard a guess at this point. Continue reading

ProForm filtering Lookup tables when updating

clip_image001There are a number of methods to update lookup tables in SoftPro ProForm Classic 15 and 20. Using the normal ProForm interface is the most common. We can't use the asterisk (*) filtering where * is used as a match all filter since the update would put that in the Code field. There is another solution which can also be used to pull a lookup record.

When the Lookup table window displays, begin typing the Lookup Code, the list will rapidly follow along selecting rows as letters are typed. Continue reading

Lookup Tables with ProForm Classic on CD Page 2

imageHow do the Closing Disclosure Lookup Tables work with ProForm Classic 15 and 20?

The first thing to wrap our heads around is, each section on page 2 of the CD in ProForm Classic 15 and 20 all come from one screen. On a purchase, there are 10 text positions to store lookup tables for pretty much the entire CD. Lookups for Surveyor, Pest Inspector, Tax Fees, HOA, Home Inspectors, and more all need to fit. That is going to require some thought as to how to lay out the data so that it's easiest to use.

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Classic Updates Word Merge, Macros Are Read Only

clip_image001With some of the recent releases of ProForm Classic, the Word merge macro file spwinmrg.dot is removed along with other unnecessary files from the SoftPro Share. For the most part it's a welcome change as there were many files in the shared folder that were unnecessary and confusing to technical staff.

A problem comes in when attempting to add macros to normal.dot because, the macro files is now installed under the Client executable folder in the Program Files tree. Continue reading

Classic 15 DS Fields "D" Deducted no Lender name

imageThere was a change in functionality from Standard 12.2 to Classic 15 HF3 where the DS Fields for most 800 and 1300 section fields no longer fill out the Lender's name in the associated To: field. Enterprise 6.3 also works this way, so it's likely a design feature. To a converted Standard user it appears to be an issue. A possible workaround is to put a single entry lookup table on the DS fields so that the user could quickly enter the information. The first interesting obstacle was pressing F9 in a drop down list results in no response from ProForm. Why would they expect someone to need a lookup table on a short drop down list. That seemed to be a show stopper, but then

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