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Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.

Home on the web ~ Dan Van Fleet - Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.

Classic 15 Calendar Robot

imageThe concept of the Closing Calendar or the Book has fascinated me since I was first shown a real "Book" in the early 1990's.  I've created calendar tools for ProForm clients ever since. At this point, most companies have adopted some sort of electronic shared calendar, those who have experienced our fully automated solutions save money on every closing.

The ProForm Calendar Robot is an automatic tool that maintains a closing calendar by watching the ProForm database.  The ProForm user does nothing other than set the Settlement Date and Time in ProForm.  When the changes are saved, the Robot quickly notices and updates a shared calendar.

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HalFinder, a halFILE Data Conversion

clip_image001I just processed over 1.4 million tiff images into 35 thousand PDF documents in 24 hours. I'm geek excited and wanted to talk about it. A client is expecting to replace halFILE with SPImage, they need a way to access the historical scans without the maintenance and cost of keeping HalFILE running. So a method to search the database and display images was in order. In other words, they need an internal website. Continue reading

Windows 10 install and first run

imageAfter backing up my laptop, I decided to try out Windows 10.  The installation was a little dark at times, nothing being displayed on screen. After successfully completing that I come away with a much better feeling than I did when I tried Windows 8. 

The installation seemed to go well, the first login resulted in a black screen with a mouse cursor.  After trying a few things I found, a hard reset brought up a working system.  The VPN might be a little broken.  When copying the Select Client over the VPN,  the transfer rates dropped to zero. To fix it, pausing the copy in Windows 10 and resetting the VPN and resuming the copy got it going. That I found a bit weird, but I liked the pause and resume on a copy.

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Stressless Chair Repair


My daughter and I were playing in the living room when she lost her balance and fell onto our Ekornes Vegas Stressless Recliner. Her arm snapped, not my daughter's but the chair's. The child was fine, a little sore in the middle, but otherwise fine. The chair not so good, it had a longitudinal crack from the front middle to the back outside. Stressless chairs have a 10 year warranty, but I was honest and told my story to which they said, no claim. I took it up a level with the same results.

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Sonos PlayBar and Play:1 Speakers

clip_image001Sometimes the UPS delivery driver is akin to Santa Claus. Today he brought a Sonos Playbar and a set of Play:1 speakers. It was a short trip to this moment, the other day I fired up the old dying Kenwood receiver and found my Infinity speakers had finally dry rotted to failure. My early carrier was in the hi-fi world at a number of shops the best being a store in Pittsburgh called Opus One. There were audio freaks there, they were talented, we did things like draw blue and/or black lines around the outside of CD's to make them sound better, it absorbed rather than reflecting refracted laser light reducing error correction. There was directional wire, stuff that's created in a way to supposedly allow electrons flow one way better than the other. It all seemed to matter, it was interesting to test the ear of people who could hear these things while learning how to listen. Anyhow I digress, but it's a part of what brought me to Sonos.

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Title operation Laser Printer

Today was the day that the laser printer died.  For the fifth time!  This time it's staying dead and being replaced.  I've been partial to both HP and Lexmark laser printers for use in land title operations.  We need features like multiple input trays and sometimes multiple output trays.  I settled on a nice 52 page per minute HP Laserjet Ent 600 M602N Printer. It is replacing an HP P4015 printer so we can reuse the Paper tray from that one, and save about three hundred bucks.  The P4015's been in heavy use for 5 years, so it paid for itself a few times over. Need a little more speed, for another $310 go with the HP Laserjet Ent 600 M603N Printer a 62 Page per minute version.  The output mailbox for this series is HP 5-bin Mailbox - printer mailbox.