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Calendar Robot Select Edition Released

New Calendar Tool Released

Last year we introduced the Calendar Robot for SoftPro ProForm Classic, it is a hit.  Now it has been expanded and updated to support SoftPro Select.  The Calendar Robot automatically keeps a closing calendar updated. It is notably more accurate than a typist, and doesn't need extra keystrokes in Select. 


Medium Appointment View

What is it?

The Calendar Robot is a standalone application which monitors SoftPro Select and automatically connects to an Exchange or Office 365 based user calendar or shared calendar.


How does it work?

It connects the Settlement date field directly to the calendar through Exchange Web Services.  If the date or time changes the calendar refreshes with current information.  The Calendar Robot also watches the three status fields, sending updates when a monitored status is hit.  It can show when the file has closed, Escrow is complete, or it's all done.  Your calendar will become useful throughout the life of the file.  Critical file information is available anywhere anytime without opening SoftPro Select.


Flexible features

Include what you need, contact information, property data, title info, really anything that's in the file can appear on the calendar.  The subject, location, times, body of the appointment and initial categories are 100% configurable.  They are driven by Select documents, with Exchange formatting available, bold, color changes, and more are all accessible to the document designer.

Other file related signings

An exciting concept the Calendar Robot brings to Select is a "Signing" date/time. A signing can be any other file related appointment.  A seller signing, notary pre-signing, or  document delivery are a couple of ways this feature has been used.  The Calendar Robot supports five calendars out of the box, a signing calendar will use one of them.  Signings can appear on the same Exchange calendar as the closings, or a different one if that fits better.


Attendees can be populated for inviting from the calendar view, or they can be automatically invited. Once invited Exchange will keep them the loop as the date or time changes.   They would not receive status updates.  Names and email address are populated from the document. We recommend using a different calendar for attendees so that the subject and body can be different from the office calendar.

Multiple Locations

We call it a room, it could be an office location, conference room, or other place of signing. Each room has its own calendar, driven by a Select field.  If a closing moves from one room to another, it is deleted from one calendar and added to the other.  If invitations have been sent, a cancellation and invitation will be sent.

Powerful Savings

All the power of Select is at your fingertips with the Calendar Robot.  The Calendar Robot is a worker in a box freeing up users to do more important tasks.  The calendar schedule always reflects what's in Select.  After the installation and setup is complete, you'll know you made a good decision.  A year later customers still agree.

Design / Requirements

The single platform is user configurable for Classic or Select, allowing a clean path forward for ProForm Classic users.  Since it uses the Select API it uses a user license. It is written in Visual Studio using C# in ten projects. The design allows it to run as a service, we run it on the desktop. It requires  two things to keep running. An operational Microsoft SQL server instance greater than 2008 R2, express is fine. An Exchange 2007 SP1 newer, or Office 365 system with valid SSL.

What does it cost?

First year cost is $3000, subsequent years are $500 for the base license which includes 5 calendar definitions.  Additional calendars are available in 5 packs at $900 and $150 annually after that.  We will install or aid as necessary with every part of the process from Office 365 setup to creating custom fields and the initial Select document. Whereas we've been able to install everything so far, we will talk about why you may want SoftPro to create documents and or custom fields to keep them in your bundle. We can imagine highly complex installations that would require assistance from your SoftPro team. Or your team can take our 30+ page manual and install it themselves.

Sounds good, how do I buy it?

Give sales or Dan a call at 937-424-5734.

Send an email to dan@vfinfo.com

Send a text to 937-559-2380.

We currently operate on a 25%/25%/50% payment policy. 25% to get the ball rolling, 25% when it's installed and updating a calendar in your operation, with the rest due after it's run for a couple weeks, we talk and you're satisfied.

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