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Lookup Tables with ProForm Classic on CD Page 2

imageHow do the Closing Disclosure Lookup Tables work with ProForm Classic 15 and 20?

The first thing to wrap our heads around is, each section on page 2 of the CD in ProForm Classic 15 and 20 all come from one screen. On a purchase, there are 10 text positions to store lookup tables for pretty much the entire CD. Lookups for Surveyor, Pest Inspector, Tax Fees, HOA, Home Inspectors, and more all need to fit. That is going to require some thought as to how to lay out the data so that it's easiest to use.


The fields that can have lookup tables on the CD in Classic 15, and likely 20 are all visible on this screen shot.


Here is a lookup table definition that fills out all of the fields. Use it in on different fields to refer to different data sets

ChargeToName = ToName
ChargeDescription = Description
ChargeBpac= BPaidAtClosing
ChargeSpAc = SPaidAtClosing
ChargeReference = Reference
ChargeDS = DS
ChargeAdr1 = Address
ChargeAdr2 = CityStateZip
ChargeCalcType = CalcType
ChargeCostPaidMethod = PaidMethod
ChargeBpBc = BPaidBefore
ChargeSpBC = SPaidBefore
ChargePBO = PaidByOthers
ChargeProcessAs = ProcessAs
ChargePaidBy = PaidBy
ChargeLoanEstimate = LoanEstimate
ChargeFeeType = FeeType

There are 2 other fields that currently don't appear to be able to be added to these lookup tables.

ChargeSellerPayPercent = SellerPercent
ChargeToleranceCategory =ToleranceCat

Both would seem to be necessarily added in some service pack. Also be aware the ChargeSellerPayPercent field can not have a lookup table associated with it.

Note: Refinance deals won't be able to access the lookup tables on ChargeSpAC and ChargeSpBC,the Seller-Paid items.

In this example we will add a lookup table to the new fields each pointing to different data tables. The display order will remain the same starting with who's being paid, what it's for, and who's paying it. Change the order as you desire, ProForm will display the columns in the order displayed here. (proTip, the order can be changed later, as long as you're careful)

I've already created some tables on this screen so I'm starting on the Borrower-Paid at Closing field, you can start on the Description field.

clip_image002Pressing F9 shows the create lookup window.

Click Yes


Paste the above definition in the text box replacing what is there



Leave the Table Name as is, or change it as you like.  It's even possible to connect to an existing table, but for this example we're simply creating new blank tables




I always backspace out any blank lines, not doing that sent ProForm into a tailspin at one time. 






Click OK and the table is ready for data






In this case I'm creating lookup tables for all of these fields, so click Close. Tab to the next field, Press F9 and repeat until done.

Another Pro-tip I recently found, To put lookup tables on drop down lists press <Ctlr> L.

We can easily have 12 different base types of lookup tables. Surveyor and Pest Inspector and others can still be under different tables, rather than grouped in one big unwieldy list.

What if more than 12 lookups are needed? You can use this <Ctrl> L tip to add 6 more.

What if more than 18 lookups are needed? There may be options that need tested, contact Dan for up to date information.

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