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Office 365 Disclaimers

Title, Legal Disclaimer

This is a 2 part tip of the day.  Part one is how to add Disclaimers to every outgoing email in Office 365.  Part two is how to configure that disclaimer so that you only include one of them in any email thread.  If you're currently forcing your users to add disclaimers to their signature line, or don’t use them at all, you might be better off to add them at a company level rather than user level.  Now I won't think about how legally useful these disclaimers are, I just know Lawyers started them.  Read on for the details.

Office 365 Menu showing Admin centers and Exchange




We start in the Exchange Admin center, on the Mail Flow screen.  Get to the Exchange Admin Center by clicking on Admin, then Open Admin Centers at the bottom, and finally click on Exchange.






Apply disclaimers Menu option





Click on the + sign to add a new rule and select a rule type of "Apply Disclaimers…".



Disclaimer Text sample

Enter a Name.

Select "Apply to all messages" in the "Apply this rule If" listbox.



Click on Enter text, to add the disclaimer text





Click on Select one… to decide what happens if the Disclaimer can't be inserted.  I use Wrap.

Finished Rule 1

Click OK and Save it, and within few minutes, all of your messages will include the new Disclaimer.


Part 2 only include it one time.

More Options


Open the rule we just created.  Click on the more Options button at the bottom of the window. That will offer an Exception option



Now let's edit the Disclaimer text to add an identifying phrase. I'm going to add "ID:7732" to the end of the Disclaimer text.  You can use any identifying string that wouldn't be used in an email.  Go GUID to be absolutely positive. I'm good with something simple.

Search Subject

Let's make it work.

Click Add Exception and select "The subject or body includes any of these words.





Add "ID:7732" to the words list.





Click OK



Save the rule.  Now your disclaimer will only be included one time per thread, making emails easier to read.


I hope this helped your system become a bit better.  Enjoy the day it will be the last one like this.

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