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Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.

Home on the web ~ Dan Van Fleet - Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.

Ohio Conveyance Fee Forms, Do you use a typewriter?

imageOhio SoftPro ProForm users can start saving money today by automatically printing the Ohio DTE Form 100, Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement of Value and Receipt directly from ProForm Standard and Enterprise. This form hits the checkboxes the same every time, X in a box. There are no micro feeds, or whiteout necessary when the Conveyance form is printed like the HUD. Even better many Ohio Counties are now accepting computer generated forms on plain white paper, some others require it to be printed on carbonless forms which need an available paper tray or more easier an old printer. We recommend testing white paper first even if the starter list we provide says otherwise.

Ohio DTE Form 100

The document itself is rather hard to display on the web, it is a full bleed document, 1/4" margins except the bottom. The box in the lower right corner is hard to render, HP and Lexmark Laser printers do it fine, but Adobe writer, Print to PDF, SoftPro/PDF995 and the Microsoft XPS printer driver all fail to print correctly. What follows is a scan of the printed document from an HP4+ workhorse laser printer. (since retired)


The greys are darker in the scan, and in some places scanner artifacts. You might be able to see we used a light yellow in the Auditor's box to slightly grey it.

clip_image002Plenty of fields needed to fill out this form are not in ProForm, for those there is an intelligent prompts dialog.

The check boxes that can be filled out using SoftPro defined fields use them, those that can't use these smart prompts. With most deals no scrolling is necessary.




The dollar amounts in the sections are calculated automatically on the document. They are pulled from ProForm fields as follows

image7a) = LoanAmt
7b) = Never filled in
7c) = Sales Price - LoanAmt or 0.00 if applicable
7d)= Higher of Loan Amount or Sales Price
7e) = if LoanAmt > Sales Price then LoanAmt - SalePric
7f) = SalePric

So that users don't have to select as much, the document assumes at the start it that there is a 1,2, or 3 Family dwelling and a building on the land.

It selects the county number translating from the property county field in ProForm.  Consider for a moment how long does it take to grab a conveyance form, put it in a typewriter, align it, fill it out and get back to the computer verses printing 4 pages to the printer. Add to that the skill set to quickly align multipart forms in aging typewriters is declining.   This document pays for itself in no time.

If you are interested in the document for your SoftPro ProForm installation please leave a comment give a call to 937-424-5734 or send email to dan@vfinfo.com.  The cost or a single agency doing less than 750 closings a month is $400 and will be delivered as a single ProForm ReadyDoc with overlay files to add the custom prompts. It is a little harder than a typical ReadyDoc to install, not much, a text file needs edited. We have good instructions and remote support capabilities.

For those that care to see it, below is a screen grab of the ProDesign document. There is no image in this document it is pure ProDesign and is complex when compared to the typical ProDesign document


Click to see it full resolution, as it looks on my screen. It is a document that screams for the ability to zoom in ProDesign.

The list of Ohio Counties that we’re told accept these computer generated forms and how they accept them, this list may have changed for the better, is is a couple of years old. If they are not marked Carbon, printing on normal white paper is accepted.  Send updates to Dan@vfinfo.com

County Name Carbon Copies County Form Only
Adams 1
Allen X 4
Ashland X 4
Ashtabula 1
Athens 4
Auglaize 3
Belmont X 4
Brown X 4
Butler 1
Carroll 1
Champaign 1
Clark X 4
Clermont 1
Clinton 2
Columbiana X 4
Coschocton 1
Crawford 1
Cuyahoga 1
Darke X 4
Defiance 2
Delaware 1
ErIe X 4
Fairfield 3
Fayette 2
Franklin X X
Fulton X 4
Gallia 1
Geauga 4
Greene 4
Guernsey 1
Hamilton 1
Hancock 4
Hardin 3
Harrison 2
Henry 4
Highland 1
HockIng 3
Holmes 3
Huron X 4
Jackson 1
Jefferson 1
Knox 1
Lake 1
Lawrence 3
Licking 4
Logan X 4
Lorain 1
Lucas X 4
Madison 1
Mahoning 1
Marion 3
Medina 2
Meigs 4
Mercer 2
Miami X 4
Monroe 4
Montgomery X 4
Morgan 2
Morrow 2
Muskingum 1
Noble 5
Ottawa 5
Paulding 3
Perry X 4
Pickaway 2
Pike 4
Portage 2
Preble 4
Putnam 2
Richland 1
Ross X 4
Sandusky 2
Scioto 2
Seneca 3
Shelby 1
Stark 2
Summit X X
Trumbull X X
Tuscarawas 5
Union 1
Van Wert 1
Vinton 1
Warren 1
Washington 1
Wayne 1
Williams 1
Wood 1
Wyandot X 4
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