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Outlook 2010 autocomplete list nickname .nk2 is gone

Outlook 2010 took the old *.nk2 files and stuffed them into a cache which is a hidden mailbox message. That all sounded good to me, the nk2 files were a pain, I looked forward to a slick management interface in EMC or at least the EMS.  None was to be found, but there is a way, albeit slow processing the whole process takes a few minutes on a slow computer.

Thankfully there is a tool to navigate through the smog of this new cache.


To save a auto-complete or nickname list in Outlook 2010

Download MFCMAPI from http://mfcmapi.codeplex.com. If you run 64 bit Outlook, click the downloads tab, then locate the newest 64 bit release.

First Close Outlook or OWA (Outlook Web Access) from anywhere that is logged in as the current user.

Run the single enclosed exe mfcmapi.exe, it will take a moment to come awake.

imageimageOne the Session menu, click Logon. No credentials will be needed but it might ask your profile, typically there is only one, if you have more than one, select yours then click OK. If  Outlook is open, and error will display.


On the left side pane double click the Display Name of the account you wish to manage. A firewall window may appear, clicking OK with the default settings on it is fine.A new window will appearimage














Right Click the InBox folder and then Click Open Associated Content Table




Click on the Subject Column to sort by the Subject,

Then Scroll down to IPM.Configuration.Autocomplete




Right click it, and Select Export Message.

Change the Format to MSG file (UNICODE)image


Click OK


The Save As Dialog will appear with a default file name, change that to something descriptive with a .MSG extension, and the export process is complete.


The import process is much the same.  Navigate to the same place, if there is a IPM.Configuration.Autocomplete you should probably delete it, or risk duplicate entries.  On a new user, there won't be one.


Select Folder-> Import -> From MSG


A file open window will appear.  Locate the file you saved in the above step select it and the autocomplete list will import





















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