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Home on the web ~ Dan Van Fleet - Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.

ProForm Field Code Finder

For years I've wanted to document all the field codes in a ProForm file.  A while back, I decided to build a set.  After much troubleshooting I got a system running that completed the job on a file in a bit over 24 hours constant processing.

Why would I build that. One reason is sometimes I know a field name and have no idea where that field name is. Maybe I found it in a lookup table, or a Word Merge document With this document set I can locate precisely where Field {{PREVUPYN}} is. Preview the RdyDoc, quickly hotspot to the field. slight disclaimer; some fields are off screen, others will hotspot close by. ProForm must have a hotspot designed for the field in question.  Have you ever wondered what all was in a file, this document set can tell you.

The other reason I need this information is for a data import wizard to ProForm.  Something that would display a information that's in the file with the opportunity to select which information about to be imported was to be kept. For anyone who's run SoftPro 360 for importing data, you know the functionality exists there.  Sadly it doesn't look like SoftPro is going to release a 360 API, that became another reason this list was needed.

What I built is a set of ProForm RdyDocs for both Standard and Enterprise which include all the field codes accessible from ProDesign in a document.

In the end it's 18 RdyDoc documents for a Standard 12.2.50506 GFE file.  Along the way, I found it interesting that Enterprise 6.2.40428 field set file was only 16 documents. Standard 12.2 has over 1000 more fields than Enterprise 6.2. cool.   As of this writing I have not built one for Enterprise 6.3

Documents, they turned out to be interesting. ProDesign allows you to design a form that is 300 inches long. Interestingly it would only print a document that was around 200 inches, any thing after that mark just didn't generate a page.  I guess that's why RdyDocs are normally only a page or few pages long.

After everything was generated I ended up with 66 RdyDocs to cover 4 different varieties of the ProForm File.  Enterprise, Standard for both GFE and NonGFE files.  Each document set is named with the starting and ending field code that document pertains to.

So what's imageit look like? The image on the left is from ProForm document preview. Try it yourself with a  RdyDoc ready to run on your system. Download Finder GFE A1107 to BIND2WHO it will contain one file, put it in your RdyDocs folder (or subfolder) and add it to your document tree.

This file is designed for a GFE Enterprise (ver 6.2.40428 ) system, it will work fine on Standard 12.x, but may have some fields that are not valid.  If you wish to purchase a set for either Enterprise or Standard, the cost is $89.00 leave a comment with Enterprise or Standard to purchase.  I'll send you an email how to purchase. The purchase will be for either an Enterprise or Standard document set with both GFE and NonGFE files covered. A total of 32 RdyDocs documents. That's less than $3.00 per RdyDoc.

Creating this document set took an insane amount of computer time.  Enterprise was much slower than Standard at pulling up the field code list, this resulted in run times of over 50 hours to create a properly named 16 page document set with 1000 variable names on a document. Even with weeks of tweaking the process still crashed out from time to time.  With Standard, the process runs solid as a rock completing in just over 24 hours.

This product is licensed for individual title company use only.  It is not licensed for use at any underwriter, SoftPro Corporation, technical support company, consulting company, publicly traded company, or any umbrella type company with the intention of installing it on multiple ProForm installations. It is for sale to those companies, just not for $89. Drop a comment with your company information and I'll get back with you as soon as possible.

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