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ProTrust PTWIN-130 Error window

imageToday's fun call of the day was related to ProTrust having a Ledger locked for editing. The Error (PTWIN-130) is displayed when someone attempts to add a transaction to the ledger.   No one knew who or why, but it's been like that for days.  There's a right way and a wrong way to fix this particular problem.  We'll talk about the wrong way first.

ProTrust keeps it's file locks in the unremarkably named \PTLocks folder off the SoftPro Shared Root folder. In this case the drive is mapped to Y:\ drive and shows one file.

imageThat being the case, the wrong way is a fine way to solve this problem.  Only when there are several lock files is it remotely necessary to attack this solution using pristine techniques.  Simply deleting the file will allow the ledger to be edited again.

What if the file can't be deleted.

If the user still has a lock on the file, it will not be deletable, as is the case.  There are a series of ways to remove a network file lock.  We're going to do it at cmd. On the server start cmd.exe as Administrator and navigate to the shared SoftPro Folder\PtLocks folder. (the same folder as above, but off the physical drives)

The first thing we need to do it figure out an ID associated with the lock.  To do that run Net File > find.txt.  And then run Notepad find.txt


and Search for the file name or a part thereof.  IYT is a rather odd letter combination so I searched for that, searching for IYT.PTL would likely be a better choice.


Your file will have lots more data, we need the first column, The ID column.  Select that and copy it to the clipboard.

Then at the cmd prompt type "Net File " Right click the mouse and select Paste " /Close"


Hit enter and the file will be unceremoniously closed.  The Ledger is now unlocked.

The right way

Now the right way of doing this is to verify we have the correct lock file and only delete the one we are interested in.  Bad things can happen if you force close these lock files while people are processing on the system.  Any file that is deletable seems safe to delete, but if it's open by a user, don't just delete it because you can.

So let's find the correct lock file first.  Open SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) Take a look at the PTWin table for the row that matches the Ledger number.


I used a quick select command, Select * from PTWin where fileid = 'myLedgerID'

The lockfile column will have the critical portion of the file name.  Delete that file, and release the ledger

So that's how to fix a PTWin-130 error in ProForm Enterprise from SoftPro Corporation.  This procedure also works in Standard.

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