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Home on the web ~ Dan Van Fleet - Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.

SoftPro Conference 2013

image The 2013 SoftPro Conference just ended.  This year attendance showed the return trend to the levels that we're accustom to seeing is moving along nicely.  The general sessions filled a large room near it's capacity.  There were the usual Select and Classic courses tracks, with what I thought was a pretty even attendance to both tracks.

This year brought a nice showing of 360 Vendors, with GreenFolders, SimpleFile, Medallion analytics, SoftPro Checks, and others showing their products with style and substance. It was nice to be able to talk with those folks about how their products support and enable the title professional to do their work.

Select is moving along nicely, providing a sleek powerful interface to the title professional.  With each release it gets faster, more complex yet simple, and more powerful.  The ability to customize the platform is virtually unlimited.  From combining multiple documents into one, to generating numbers automatically on the fly, Select provides the tools and hooks to get the job done.

Of course SoftPro Classic was represented well, it's fully integrated with SoftPro 360, and due to it's large installed base it, continues to be the leading software platform in the industry. I didn't take any of the Classic classes, but it is the platform currently that I mostly work in.

Select is clearly the most powerful Closing and Title Software on the planet. Out of the box it works great for the regional title agency, for a production shop add the API and a .Net developer, then Select will do precisely what you want it to do when you want it to do it.  Automatically send an email when the Deed is printed, no problem, pull in data from outside sources, hook up a web SOAP style service, push it out the same way.  Select allows you to define your connections, don't wait, just do it with Select.

Failing to mention SoftPro Live would forget a real highlight of the show.  Many of us used or have looked at Transaction Point, SoftPro Live is a 2013 implantation of transaction management for SoftPro delivered through the 360 platform.  It is much advanced from previous products providing the necessary delivery features for all title agents.  Fact is Secure Document Delivery by the Title Agent is going to be required in the near future,  SoftPro Live is the way to provide that and many other communications features to your clients.  Said simply, it's cool, and going to get cooler.

The 2013 SoftPro Users Conference was one of the top conferences I've attended, people were chatting about everything, learning, sharing and listening.  Advanced users were showing off their implementation of the platform, it was a good conference!

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