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Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.

Home on the web ~ Dan Van Fleet - Information on SoftPro ProForm with some general computer tips and techniques, with a bit of me.

ProForm filtering Lookup tables when updating

clip_image001There are a number of methods to update lookup tables in SoftPro ProForm Classic 15 and 20. Using the normal ProForm interface is the most common. We can't use the asterisk (*) filtering where * is used as a match all filter since the update would put that in the Code field. There is another solution which can also be used to pull a lookup record.

When the Lookup table window displays, begin typing the Lookup Code, the list will rapidly follow along selecting rows as letters are typed. Continue reading

Lookup Tables with ProForm Classic on CD Page 2

imageHow do the Closing Disclosure Lookup Tables work with ProForm Classic 15 and 20?

The first thing to wrap our heads around is, each section on page 2 of the CD in ProForm Classic 15 and 20 all come from one screen. On a purchase, there are 10 text positions to store lookup tables for pretty much the entire CD. Lookups for Surveyor, Pest Inspector, Tax Fees, HOA, Home Inspectors, and more all need to fit. That is going to require some thought as to how to lay out the data so that it's easiest to use.

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HalFinder, a halFILE Data Conversion

clip_image001I just processed over 1.4 million tiff images into 35 thousand PDF documents in 24 hours. I'm geek excited and wanted to talk about it. A client is expecting to replace halFILE with SPImage, they need a way to access the historical scans without the maintenance and cost of keeping HalFILE running. So a method to search the database and display images was in order. In other words, they need an internal website. Continue reading

Classic Updates Word Merge, Macros Are Read Only

clip_image001With some of the recent releases of ProForm Classic, the Word merge macro file spwinmrg.dot is removed along with other unnecessary files from the SoftPro Share. For the most part it's a welcome change as there were many files in the shared folder that were unnecessary and confusing to technical staff.

A problem comes in when attempting to add macros to normal.dot because, the macro files is now installed under the Client executable folder in the Program Files tree. Continue reading

SoftPro Users Conference 2014


The 2014 SoftPro Users Conference has come and gone. It was an exciting event with SoftPro Select and the combination of 360 with SoftPro Live taking the main stage. The Select feature set is growing with superb elements, global rules, unheard of automations, and a soon to be a 100% coverage API allowing developers to fully integrate with Select. It is faster, cleaner and more secure. The current API is robust covering over 90% of the system

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