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Classic 15 DS Fields "D" Deducted no Lender name

imageThere was a change in functionality from Standard 12.2 to Classic 15 HF3 where the DS Fields for most 800 and 1300 section fields no longer fill out the Lender's name in the associated To: field. Enterprise 6.3 also works this way, so it's likely a design feature. To a converted Standard user it appears to be an issue. A possible workaround is to put a single entry lookup table on the DS fields so that the user could quickly enter the information. The first interesting obstacle was pressing F9 in a drop down list results in no response from ProForm. Why would they expect someone to need a lookup table on a short drop down list. That seemed to be a show stopper, but then

Using the alternative keystroke <Ctrl> L brought up the lookup function. Yea ProForm, wow, that was close. Now we're off to the races.

The idea is to create one table and point multiple fields to that table. The example creates a lookup table named "DsDeducted" in DZ1302 and names the columns generically as DsCode and Company. There will only be one entry in the lookup table which will use a field reference to pull the Lender Name.


Place the cursor in field DZ1302, then press <Ctrl>L to create a lookup table. It doesn't matter if the dropdown is up or down. ProForm will say (SPFUNCS-072) A look-up table for field DZ1302 does not exist., Do you wish to create one now? Click Yes. Enter the table name DsDeducted and paste this definition rule in the box.






Clicking OK produces our new table, which needs closed.




Enter a little bit of information for the lookup. Select a "D" from the DS dropdown and enter {{LenName}} in the To: Box or Field.

Put the cursor back in the DS Field and hit <Ctrl>L to bring up the lookup table,

Insert the entry and close the lookup table. Using the Insert Entry and Close buttons.

We’re ready for user testing, place the cursor back in the DS Field, Press <Ctrl>L followed by <Enter>,  as quickly as possible. The DS field will be set to "D" with the Lender Name placed in the To: Field. The lookup table won’t even become visible.

Now let's do the rest. First put


in the clipboard for quick pasting.

  • (Note: always leave off the first field code when linking lookup tables. When it’s pasted into the new linked table, the initial field code remains giving hints to the changes necessary.  When doing this, If there are more than one or two columns use a text editor to copy and replace.)


Moving onto 1303, enter the DS field, hit <Ctrl>L and create a new Look-up table.

Enter DsDeducted for the Table Name

Click in the text box setting the cursor at the end of the field name with nothing is selected. Paste from the clipboard. <Ctrl>V.

Edit the T1303 to the current line. (the first one is is correct)

Repeat as necessary.

The Table Name can quickly be selected by first dropping down the list, then typing DS and selecting it with the mouse. I did 1302-1310 as well as 804-820

Any lookup table can be configured to pull other fields by using a field reference in the lookup table. Math can even be done that sometimes requires editing the Configuration of the associated SQL table and updating it directly in SQL. Understanding how to work with SQL Server Management Studio, it is not hard to do, but you can break ProForm by using them, so good testing is necessary.

If you need this functionality installed give me a call at 937-424-5734 option 4, or drop me a note to Dan@vfinfo.com. The cost is quite affordable, in feet, reflected as chains and rods would be just over of 2 chains and a rod. 228 links would be closer to the mark. Taxable in Ohio.

By the way, you are now faster than Microsoft Windows. You type  <Ctrl>L <Enter>, way faster than Windows can show the screen, although ProForm has the data ready.

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